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Telephone cradle removal

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Does anyone know how to remove the telephone cradle within the center arm rest?

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I used a pair of pliers to remove it layer by layer, the final metal cast part of the base needs the base of the armrest to be prised slightly to enable it's removal. You will need a rubber insert like this to replace it with.
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Thanks for the link Harbour, that's very useful. Makes for a much better use of the arm rest in my opinion. What phone does that craddle even fit? :-D

What do you mean by remove it layer by layer though? I've had a look around but without forcing anything I don't know where to even start. I've wiggled and proded and prised and swore but I can't seem to get it started.
There is a set of instructions on - ok, they're for a 3 series BMW, but the hardware and the principles are the same...

Unfortuntely I can't post the link because for some reason, you need 15 posts on here to be able to put up a link :confused:

Anyhow, if you search for 'Removed phone cradle' you will find well illustrated instructions starting on page 2
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After some delicate manipulation, followed by some agressive leaverage and snapping I finally managed to get the majority of the cradle out.

What do you do with the cables though? Can these be cut or do you have to route them along by the handbrake?


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Hi, I have the same connection also, I dont want to remove it, I would like to make into phone charger, whats the best advice?
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