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TG 09 - Saturday 11th July - Registration Now Open!!

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Finally, registration is now open!!

Nathan (Jacked Up), Andy (AndyP) and myself are proud to present you with TG 09

The date for your diaries will be Saturday 11th July 2009 :D

Format For the Day

We've tried to squeeze as much as we can into this years event to maximise the fun! Arrival at Dunsfold Park will be between 9am and 10am, followed by a welcome and briefing from the Pit Crew at 10:15. Track Time will commence at 10.30am sharp!

We'll then have a break for lunch, during which some of the cars from the UK MINI Challenge will be displaying their abilities on the track! Speeches and Raffle draws will also take place.

We have some great prizes already for the Raffle (more info to follow) including tickets to watch the filming of the TopGear TV Show!

We'll then have an afternoon track session also which will hopefully continue well into a nice summers afternoon!

Special Stage

After your time on the track, you'll be led off to the special stage (details to be confirmed). Participation will be optional, and there will be a prize on the day for the winning performance!

Where is Dunsfold?

TopGear is filmed at Dunsfold Aerodrome, near Guildford in Surrey, and this is where our event is held. Full address is: Dunsfold Aerodrome, Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8TB.

As per previous years, we will be using the actual TG test track at Dunsfold, driving the same lines as the Stig :D Track time will be done behind a pace car, driven by a member of the pit crew.

Our Beneficiaries

The MINI2 TG09 event is committed to raising money for Charity. This year our main beneficiary is Combat Stress. They will be receiving 50% of all money raised through the event! The Society provides specialist treatment and welfare services for veterans suffering from psychological injuries associated with service trauma.

You can read more information on their website here: Combat Stress - Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society Society.

In addition to this, 25% of all money raised will be donated to the MINI2 Charity Ball Fund. Each year the MINI2 Charity Ball which this year is raising money for the NSPCC and Brians House Childrens Hospice - both excellent causes!

The final 25% will be donated to The Italian Job fundraising. This year a number of us involved with the TopGear event are taking part in The Italian Job in October which over the years has raised an absolute shed load of cash for Kids Out.

Finally, the majority of the money paid to Dunsfold park for the use of their fabulous facility will be donated to their nominated Charity, Chase.

Sponsors and Raffle Prizes

This year we're proud to annouce the following companies which are sponsoring the event, and helping us not only organise a great day out, but also raise money for some worthwhile causes!

Mod-N-MINI - MOD-N-MINI ~ Mini Modifications & Customisation Specialists - offering parts, performance upgrade, servicing and fitting :cool:

GRS Motorsport - GRS Motorsport - Manufacturers of Quality Aluminium Products - manufacturers of the infamous GRS Intercooler and new chargecooler

MINI Motorsport Centre - MINI Motorsport Centre - race preparation, JCW parts and upgrades, and fitting services.

More sponsors will no doubt follow as we get them confirmed :)

We have had some fantastic raffle prizes donated so far as well :D Details below....

2 Tickets to the Filming of Top Gear!!
1 Tuning Kit upgrade from Mod N Mini
2 Tickets to the MINI 2 Charity Ball - thank you to the Charity Ball Team
Beer or Wine from Dalboyne all the way from Luxembourg ( Thanks Ian )
A days paintballing for up to 10 people
Signed model of a GT Touring car!

How much is it?

The cost for TG09 will be £40 per car, this is more than previous years but we're chucking in lots more goodies for your money! The increaes is also largely due to a rise in the cost of hiring the track for the day ;) There will be no charge for passengers however, so pack them in! Included for your £40 will be:

  • Entry to Dunsfold Park
  • Track Time on the TopGear test track
  • Unlimted refreshments all day!
  • TG09 branded T-Shirt
  • Special Stage Entry
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Special TG09 Charity Wristband
  • Car Window Sticker - to show everyone you were the Stig!

Extra T-Shirts, wristbands and raffle tickets will be available on the day!

Remember folks, it's all for Charity!!!! :D

How Do I Register?

This year we will be taking formal registrations! At the bottom of this post you'll find a word document form, please save the form, complete the information required and then email it back to [email protected]. Within a few days, you'll receive a paypal invoice for the ticket cost, which you can then use to make payment.

If you'd prefer to use a service other than paypal (such as cheque) please indicate this on your email, and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

The list below shows those who've registered their interest already, we will indicate next to their names once registatration forms and payment have been received.

Entry packs with full details will then be posted out to your address prior to the event.

Food on the Day

Once again, Nathans fantastic colleagues will be providing us with their catering skills on the day - although this year with a slight twist! They will serving food that they'd normally cook out in the field, this gives you a chance to experience what our soldiers eat whilst out in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. This will all be provided free of charge.

We'll also have the usual burgers, hot dogs and bacon rolls available at low prices.

If anyone would like to bring a picnic on the day, they're also more than welcome.

Rules & Regs

Unfortunately as with anything, there has to be rules! The is a MINI2 event, open only to New MINIs. If you don't have one, you'll need to beg, borrow or buy one! Or find someone with a spare passenger seat!

Also, please ensure you have a valid MINI user account, with space in your PM box, this is so we can contact you easily. Registrations will not be accepted without a MINI2 Username for contact purposes ;) When you're handling 300 registrations, anything to make the admin easier is a bonus!

Other than that, enjoy yourselves!

I think that just about covers it for the moment, if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM either myself, Nathan or Andy and we'll do our best to answer your query!


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Attendance List

Maximum number of cars is 300 :D

It doesn't matter how many cars register for the event, it will still go ahead ;)

Rather than keep an active list on MINI2, this is being done offline so its all kept in one place ;) This saves us having to update multiple lists constantly.

A PDF version of the current active list of registrations is attached to this post :) If you're on this list you are registered for the event. Registrations are listed by order received. This list will be updated to show who has/hasn't completed payment in due course.



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Amazing work Jon & Co, well done, forms on way ASAP :D

Should be a fantastic event! Look forward to seeing everyone;)!
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Done :D

Can see we're going to have to come up with something quite spectacular to compete against you guys with IJ fundraising :)

PS my Word doc is word 2003. If you have trouble opening it let me know and I'll fill in another.
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Mine wont display the form :eek: Heeellllppppppppppp:eek:
Dawn is stressing!
please someone email it me ! pm me for addy !
I've added another word doc to the first post top_gear_reg2 saved in Word 97 onwards format which should solve any opening problems with the first one ;)
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Form on it's way

PM on it's way regarding assistance with set up and running

Welll done guys
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Done,brill job Gents:biggrin:
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Forms sent (+ MINI 68). Cheers guys!
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Not sure I'll be doing this the cost of doing so is quite large, have a 400 mile round trip to event, night in hotel and then £40 entry (wasn't it only a £10 last year).

I know you throwing things in but with all the other events on this year the costs do seem a bit high.

Just my view

Whilst I appreciate all the hard work and charity related causes behind the event, I'm going to have to pull out I'm afraid. It makes it far too expensive for me as a round trip, especially as I'm going on holiday later that week anyway.
Gents,I understand the price has increased a lot but can I just piont out a few things...

Money is being raised for 5 charities

Combat stress
Brians House Childrens Hospice

There is a lot more going on this year including Challenge Cars on the track, t shirts included and lets face it the summer date will make it a brilliant day out.

Jon, Nathan and Andy P put a great deal of time creating this fantastic day for us to enjoy:biggrin:
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