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I visited 1320 today to have a compression / leakdown test done, and to have there front superflex rear wishbone suspension bushes fitted. A big thank you to Chris for doing the work :)

With the new bushes fitted, the steering now feels sharper and more direct :D. The steering wheel no longer feels like it's being tugged in my hands when i go over any road imperfections :D. Under braking the car stays in a straight line :D, where before it felt like it was wandering from side to side :D. The DSC light hasn't come on at all under hard acceleration either, despite the roads being damp :D. I'm really really pleased with the result :D. Everyone with a MCS should have these bushes fitted, whether it's has been modified or not.

The compression / leakdown test came back with a great result too.

The compression in the cylinders was 150psi in all of them :D. The leakdown result was,
No 1. 7%
No 2. 4%
No 3. 7%
No 4. 3%

I then had a power run on the rollers, and the car produced a peak flywheel figure of 190.3bhp @ 7271rpm, and peak torque of 150.3 lbft @ 5876rpm. The drive train loss was 29.9bhp. I'm very pleased with that :D.

So thanks to everyone at 1320 auto's. I'm very happy with the results :D, and the workmanship :nice:. I shall be paying further visits in the future :). I had some nice cups of tea as well ;):).
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