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Big girl's blouse
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When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore.

When an eel bites your hand
And that's not what you planned
That's a moray.

When our habits are strange
And our customs deranged
That's our mores.

When your horse munches straw
And the bales total four
That's some more hay.

When a Japanese knight
Waves his sword in a fight
That's Samurai.

When Othello's poor wife
She gets strangled in strife
That's a Moor, eh?

When your sheep go to graze
In a damp marshy place,
That's a moor, eh?

When your boat comes home fine
And you tied up her line
That's a moor, eh?

When you ace your last test
Like you did all the rest
That's some more A's!

When on Mt. Cook you see
A tall aborigine,
That's a Maori.

A comedian ham
With the name Amsterdam
That's a Morey.

When your chocolate graham
Is so full and so crammed
That's a s'more.

When you've had quite enough
Of this stupid rhyming stuff
That's No more! eh?
- - - - -


:rolleyes: :p :D

Big girl's blouse
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ooooh, found some more, eh! :D :D :D

When two patterns combine
In a way serpentine--
That's a moire

If your vitamins be
Mostly C, D and E--
Take some more A.

Oh, you play "What I Say"
very gay; won't you play
that some more, Ray?

When a Canadian shows
You his mother, he goes
"That's my ma, eh?"

If King Kong has gone flat,
Rent the flick "Vampire Bat"--
That's some more Wray.


I really am sooooo sorry!
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