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To all D.I.Yers.!!!

Just thought i would start this thread to maybe be a bit of help to everyone. Im a massive fan of my mini as im sure you all are!! and I also love all the mods you can do, but don't like paying the horrible fitting costs, so I do it all myself. I basically just started the thread so people can leave a post with the mods they have done and maybe a quick and simple explanation, just so others who want to do the same mod know who to contact if the person is willing. I guess its a bit like a yellow pages:p
I know that most of the D.I.Y threads are out there already, its just a nightmare to find some of them, so i though maybe this is a bit easier so everyone can see who to talk to in once place, i know it would help me alot!! Il post a few of mine up in the coming days, but any feedback would be much appreciated.
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