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Hi guys, as a newby to the group I am hoping somebody can perhaps offer some advice.

My wife and I both have Cooper D's but one is having DPF light issues. The DPF light comes on every time it is started from cold and stays on for around 30 seconds. After this it never comes on again. If run for say 1 minute then stop and restarted no issues. Also no DPF light, if she is left for say 15 minutes, but engine still warm when she is restarted. So only happens on cold start up?

I have spent many hours trying to fix this DPF light issue, with absolutely no change whatsoever. The car is a 2008, Cooper D with 102k miles. She runs absolutely fine, if anything its more powerful than my 2010 Cooper D with slightly less mileage. We live in the country and do very few short runs, as it is around 25 minutes to a decent town which are nearly all 60mph roads and 70mph dual carriageways

So far I have completed the following:
  • Checked error codes, 1 glow plug was faulty (changed) and I have had absolutely no error codes since (for the past few months)
  • Ran car at high revs in low gear to initiate an auto regen, no change
  • Completed 3 forced regens using ISTA+ (not one after the other btw)
  • Can initiate no errors on ISTA+ tests either, although I am a novice on this borrowed ISTA+ anyway, so muddling through but have managed everything so far.
  • Chemically cleaned the DPF by injecting chemicals through temporature switch port, then running up. That created a hell of a lot smoke for 10 minutes and worried the people passing by, which was quite funny, but no change to the DPF light. Which was not funny.... (completed one of the forced regens after this)
  • Changed pressure switch and checked pipes.
  • Changed temperature switch (although I knew it was working as could see when forcing regens)
  • Replaced whole DPF with one from another car without the problem (OK not new), tbh there was no issue with the first DPF anyway, certainly no flow restriction. This was a hell of a lot of work for zero benefit, but getting desperate now.
  • Replaced additive bag. This had obviously had been changed at some point in the past (prob at 70-80k miles) but was leaking badly, albeit with apparently sufficient still in the bag to operate as required
  • Removed and cleaned EGR valve, pipework & cooler, but in my limited experience EGR valve issues tend to bring up error codes anyway, as had this issue on my 2010.
  • Checking the hidden menu I get 'CC-ID 049' code which unsurprisingly is DPF malfunction. But as far as I can tell code 49 just means the DPF light is coming on, unless you know different that is.

My asks:
  • Anyone had a similar issue
  • Any ideas that I haven't tackled already
  • Once code 49 has been detected, does it need to be reset in a specific way
  • Is there a DPF milage/ age counter or something that needs resetting
  • Can this be a software issue rather than a fault? If so, how do I clear such a software issue ie CC-ID 049
  • What tests does the car partake to know there is a DPF malfunction anyway, other than pressure tests either side of the DPF itself.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and could bring me back in love with my Mini which I do still love, except this damn light!!!!

Many thanks in advance

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no point trying to clean them as its the residue from regens that builds up and blocks it,, need new filter,, on cooper d of your age its got the psa 1.6hdi engine and can buy just the dpf filter element £115 ish on ebay, will also need to refill additive tank with eloys fluid that is under the car at rear and is a bag below links for additive and filter,,
will also need diagnostics tool to tell car new filter fitted, and to reset counter for additive tank,, bare this in mind every time you add fuel it adds a shot to fuel tank ie for a full tank so by not driving it from full tank to fuel low light it wastes the fluid, id never just stick a £5 in at one time
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