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I am thinking of putting following options on cooper S. I am trying to gauge other's opinions so that I don't miss anything when I finally place order for mine later this year. Mind you, I do not want sunroof, 17" wheels, or fully loaded options. I just want the stuff I really want or need.

Few options I am not really decided on are Onboard computer and Multi-function wheel.

What do you think? Am I missing anything critical?

Cooper S (Yellow with black roof)

Cold Weather Package

Audio Upgrade


Fog Lights

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No, you're not missing anything, but it all boils down to personal taste. Both the Cooper and the Cooper S are very well equipped in standard US-spec, so everything else is just icing on the cake.

A couple of things you may want to consider:

You said you are considering the multifunction steering wheel. Besides moving the audio controls closer to you, if you want cruise control at all you must get it.

If you think you'll use the a/c or the heater a lot,(your profile doesn't indicate where in the US you live), you may want to consider the auto a/c (set-it-and-forget-it climate control).

That's all I can think of at this time...
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