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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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right guys the next few weeks for me

1) 5 Sept 2004 - Trax Day at Silverstone
2) 12 Sept 2004 - Hadrians Wall
3) 19 Sept 2004 - Derbyshire Dales Run

Map of where we are
oohhh my first (ish) post by mother DK ;)

Your Pager not switched on, or not working? :confused:

DK ;) :apple:
oops not on one sec

now on - still dont know how to retrieve any pagers tho
dont mention bananas Andy (esp when DK's around)

there was a post a long time ago about a hard banana............ stay quiet ;)

You have not switched on your Pager either ;)

DK ;) :apple:
i think this thread has turned into the "DK Discipline Dungeon" hee hee

I wish i could put things in bold!!!! :(
Upps sorry DK must sort pager out - hard banana DK? must have been under ripe :D (wont go any further with that one lol)

Suprised we havent had some new fruity names yet

such as

Orange - the Mini Cooper convertable
Banana - the Mini Cooper
Pepper (white) the OneD
Black eyed peas (purple) the MCS

im scraping the barrel already :)

Wheres Nick - Rich - Vernon etc and tthe rest of the massive?
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god knows nick was on earlier on msn show me all his lovely car pics ferrari, bentley, ferrari, another ferrari :)

i was gonna do the recce for tan hill raid on sunday but have to courier my parents to Chester.

first time they will have been on a trip with me driving - they fear their lives - dunno why.

i keep telling them once you get over 100mph it handles lovely
ps its Veron-ica

she's not gonna be a happy bunny tut tut heheh
Was that Vernonica, Scooby? :D only joking

Have just sent Nick a PM, might give him a call, he said the after affects of all the crap and mud off the road from the cotswolds run had possibly affected the paint work on his rear bumper. Just seen one going on E-bay for £15 in N Yorks - wasnt sure if it was Nick selling his or a good opportunity for him to get a cheap replacement, it would probably be cheaper than getting his existing one resprayed
yea he mentioned the same to me but mine "seems" ok but i have not polished it yet so i expect to find some stuff on it somewhere.

On the run there was an almighty bang at one point and it was def rock on metal and i dont mean that in ZZ Top way either!

Im yet to see what and where it hit but it made me blink and duck !!!

Im lost as to what that noise was.

My suspension seems ok despite sqeaks etc on the run - i put that down to the water.

Also Rich did point out how hot my car was at the final stop and i thought yea i no rich its wicked just put your foot down and it goes like...... then he said no it really is HOT and there was heat really bad coming from outside at the side of the car - wierd!
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keep your eye on the temp gauge Scooby - had problems with header tank on our last S car conked out with Emma in it in the middle of nowhere (ended up with an exciting Toyota Corolla while it was fixed mmmmmmmmmmm)

Think we managed to go without any damage - couple of extra stone chips (nothing drastic) on the front bumper. Ours goes in for a service at the end of the month - new oil - 2 new front tyres - fix squeeky drivers side window (common problem).

Ours seems to go and feel that little bit better on the less harsh 16" wheels but possibly going to get some JCW wheels /S- spokes/ or split rim BBS, I do like the X-lites on ours - they look quite good when there clean, but think it will look even better with some 17"s.

Or shall I just get some 20's with bling bling spinners:D
Parc77 said:
(ended up with an exciting Toyota Corolla while it was fixed mmmmmmmmmmm)

hmmmm now thats a track car!!!

im still in two minds on wheels - i love my s spokes but i like Smoked 's wheels arospeed rs GT gunmetal grey with polished lip - minisport quoted 1077 with nankang wheels 7.5x18"

soooo tempted - insurance on mine would increase by 250 a year tho
Yay! Me likes this thread :D :p Great idea too :D

Michael.........get some aero side skirts.........they look wicked! :cool: :eek: :D
(By the way, your car was hot in both respects :D)

The paint work on mine seems to be fine, after the 3hours after-cots cleaning. A few stone chips on the front bumper, but nothing that a bit of polish and chipstix hasnt sorted out.

[email protected] Vernonica............. i'm not that mad haha

Emma, how was your kitten when you got back? (following our 'mother's meeting' :p )
Mine has just got over the trauma of missing me for 2 days :( .....How cruel am I for leaving my baby :( :( :(

Veronica :)
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puddycat was fine Veronica, it was the first thing Emma checked when we got back

Emma looks after the kitten whilst I look after the MCS :D

As far as the car is concerned, have to do things one step at a time
Works kit/GGR/BBR?, new wheels, aero skirts.
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ooooo Cool A Pimp thread! :D
I go to the lakes for one day and all hells broken loose over here :)
I got your text when I came down the hill I sent you veronicas number but I dunno if it got to you thou.
I'm off on the Hadrian's Wall Run and the Dales.

I think we should plan a meet at Mc D's again Merlin also lives quite close so could be a good idea to put it on the first post. We might get about 4-5 cars convoying up my cousin is coming with me on the hadrians run & the dales which should be good as he hasent been on one :D

I think my mother is still traunatised from the run on Coltwalts :D She enjoyed it thou.. :D
btw Parc where bouts do you live? See you quite alot in East Bierley - Think thats just Emma doin her horse riding.
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