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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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Upps sorry DK must sort pager out - hard banana DK? must have been under ripe :D (wont go any further with that one lol)

Suprised we havent had some new fruity names yet

such as

Orange - the Mini Cooper convertable
Banana - the Mini Cooper
Pepper (white) the OneD
Black eyed peas (purple) the MCS

im scraping the barrel already :)

Wheres Nick - Rich - Vernon etc and tthe rest of the massive?
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Was that Vernonica, Scooby? :D only joking

Have just sent Nick a PM, might give him a call, he said the after affects of all the crap and mud off the road from the cotswolds run had possibly affected the paint work on his rear bumper. Just seen one going on E-bay for £15 in N Yorks - wasnt sure if it was Nick selling his or a good opportunity for him to get a cheap replacement, it would probably be cheaper than getting his existing one resprayed
keep your eye on the temp gauge Scooby - had problems with header tank on our last S car conked out with Emma in it in the middle of nowhere (ended up with an exciting Toyota Corolla while it was fixed mmmmmmmmmmm)

Think we managed to go without any damage - couple of extra stone chips (nothing drastic) on the front bumper. Ours goes in for a service at the end of the month - new oil - 2 new front tyres - fix squeeky drivers side window (common problem).

Ours seems to go and feel that little bit better on the less harsh 16" wheels but possibly going to get some JCW wheels /S- spokes/ or split rim BBS, I do like the X-lites on ours - they look quite good when there clean, but think it will look even better with some 17"s.

Or shall I just get some 20's with bling bling spinners:D
puddycat was fine Veronica, it was the first thing Emma checked when we got back

Emma looks after the kitten whilst I look after the MCS :D

As far as the car is concerned, have to do things one step at a time
Works kit/GGR/BBR?, new wheels, aero skirts.
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Rich, we live in Alwoodley (Nth Leeds) Emma goes across there to do horse riding/checking horse is ok about 4-5 times a week.

Also doing Hadrians Wall, Tan Hill, Derbyshire Dales
Dont know whos doing what at the moment, but somehow we will be on the following

Tan Hill (Yorkshire) - not sure exact date - end sept - beg Oct
Derbyshire Dales - Sun 19th Sept
Milton Keynes - Halloween - end Oct
North West Motorshow -Sat18th Sept
Hadrians Wall Run

Flippin ek - my cars gonna look as though its been to the moon and back with all those miles :eek:
do the miles go backwards if you put it in reverse? :D

Just noticed - how fitting that im post 77 sad but true :)
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Not the best of pics as there pics of pics, are these the kind of Beeeeaches that you is talkin about Scooby? - some of mine ......:D Jordan - Jo and Oli - Jo Lordan - Jakki Degg - Oli


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Rich_IX said:
Go on Parc You PIMP!
*Off to send to Emma*
:D :D :D

lol Emma took the pics
Quick question, do any of you guys know if the centre caps on the S spokes 17"s (the bit that says MINI on it) can be purchased from the Mini dealership/spares dept?
nickbardsley said:
Andy, they can im sure, because the S - Spokes we sold (now owned by Veron) had no centre caps, and they do now :D

So either the guy nicked them, or they were bought from the dealer :rolleyes:

I forgot to answer earlier about motorsport wheels, yeah you sort of need to make up a company name, but dont worry about that until you come to paying for them. Itll be fine :p
Well if they dont sell them (think they do as asked the same q in a different thread) I'll get my screwdrivers set out lol :D not!

Did motorsport fit the tyres for you or did you get them done somewhere else Nick?
nickbardsley said:
... so long as you dont point em at mine :eek:

They fitted the tyres, they fit tyres for Auto Design Technics apparantly (Kahns) so they should be respectable enough, the service was top notch when i went, they have fitted 4 sets of Toyos in total for myself and my dad :cool:

Any ideas for company name? are they really that strict about you being a company?
Parc Design?
ive got every Monday in September booked off, so any of the runs we do ill be able to have a nice relaxing Monday (not working :D ) should have some S-spokes on the car by then, will probably be selling the 16" x-lites then, if I get a reasonable price for them the s-spokes will have cost me bugger all, obviously the x-lites arent going to fetch as much as the more desirable S-spokes.

Scooby - see your getting to grips with the new camera, is this to persue your career in being a glamour model photographer? :D
scooby212 said:

TRAX next week so i gotta get the focus just right!!!

day pics are ok but night pics are crazy as cat sheet

so no hanging from trees peering into neighbours houses for me - darn!
oh yeah Nick asked me if I was going to Trax - can still go- just not on the list that Clare (Mini Cruiser) has done.

Does this mean that before you got ur new camera you were peering into peoples windows with your Kodak throw away (with free processing)?? :D
Nah seriously if pics come out half as good as the ones Nick gets with his camera then it looks like your going to be the Official Scooby-Rich-Nick-Veron-Parc-UKC4 Mini2 photographer. :)
no worries will let you know, 830 on a weekend? ouch! lol mind you thats the only downside to the runs etc (gettin up early) thats why ive taken all the Mondays off in September, then no matter how F**k*d I am I can be a lazy git on the Monday
I think nick had the best idea when it came to names (use ur own) I just thought of mine off the top of my head as I thought it would just be a sign in name (only used to sign in and my name not actually visable to others kinda thing)
Would anyone really have called themselves an*lpena*rator?? :D
Nevermind I dont think any of us picked particulary bad names
Im sure if you asked Mr Mullet if you could change to the afore mentioned name he would say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you could say that your dog called scooby died and you are deeply traumatised everytime you log on to Mini2 :D everyone knows you as scooby now though.
Havent looked at the 1st page for a while Scooby, BIG changes, so Mileage counter list
March 2004 11500miles (ouch!)
How are you guys going to blend in @ the Trax event Scooby/Nick?
Whos wearing the soverign rings? the Burberry cap? the rockports ? the tracky top and tracky bottoms - presume ur changing ur names to Dazza and Kev or something?
Have any of you arranged to get spinners for your wheels? beaded seats? playstation under the bonnet? oh and LED washerjets
Bet you get a few there but sounds like it should be a good event despite a few boy racers,
As our official Pimp photographer I think Scooby should come back with some good pics and we always get some good ones from Nick too.
Theres a certain ring to "Rich the Phantom Dustcap Thief" :D
Kids nic them and put them on there bikes, just like they were nicking the arials because they looked like magic wands from Harry Potter films.
Or its boyracers nicking them for there RS Turbo look-a-likes.

Was filling the wash bottle up at the Optimax station the other day and found a Shiney Mini dust cap on the floor :D, have you checked your tool kit Scooby? the small one in the side pocket in the boot with the towing eye in, mine had two shiny new spares in :D
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