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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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ooooo Cool A Pimp thread! :D
I go to the lakes for one day and all hells broken loose over here :)
I got your text when I came down the hill I sent you veronicas number but I dunno if it got to you thou.
I'm off on the Hadrian's Wall Run and the Dales.

I think we should plan a meet at Mc D's again Merlin also lives quite close so could be a good idea to put it on the first post. We might get about 4-5 cars convoying up my cousin is coming with me on the hadrians run & the dales which should be good as he hasent been on one :D

I think my mother is still traunatised from the run on Coltwalts :D She enjoyed it thou.. :D
btw Parc where bouts do you live? See you quite alot in East Bierley - Think thats just Emma doin her horse riding.
Bloody hell I goto the pub and you have a life story with Clair!
Tim Westwood is on now so all good, gotta pick my bro up at work at 2am :(
DK is the bomb still trying to find the France meet thread, I talked to Clair at Coltwalts but was just a small time so many other people to talk to on the walkie talkie :)
Looking 4ward to Hadrians Wall although not going on the Trax too many Novas & Burberry hats for me...
A pimp gotta keep it real ya know.

Pimpin the game up baby to that next level :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Gotta Keep the game up to date scooby :D
Yeh i only signed up because I posted first :D
Gotta spread the Rich_IX love around.
Im off on 2:
Hadrians Wall
Dales Run
Not off on Trax Novas aint my style my sat nav proberly cost more than there whole car + there burberry hat :(

btw Hi MiniA I got my wheel arch on £6 + £15 for labor! BMW gits :(
Yeah least its sorted, Hadrian's Wall should be a blast 140 odd mile to the start but still worth the adventure my cousin is coming on that one so should be good.
You should go on the Dales run MiniA just keep your foot on the accelerator and not the brake :D
Me and Scooby managed to get lost on the last dales run a postman got out of his van and pointed us the right way hehe we always get lost :( so much for the 2 blokes with sat nav eh hehe
I have a ONE too :D
So you can follow me and we will tie a rope around scoobys S so he can pull us if we start to slow down ;)
Go on Parc You PIMP!
*Off to send to Emma*
:D :D :D
ooo Ski'ing I went this year few months back in Chamonix France was nice im a Snowboarder becasue its cooler :D
Did you get it from CCL Computers UKC4?
Real cheap from there I get all my components from there.

I fitted my ICE Link in my mini last night just waiting for the cradle ;)
Couldent be arsed waiting I paid full price, for the king of bling money is not a problem. :D
Gotta save the cash to buy the minis :)
ooo JCW ooo
I aint no batty boy im a pimp rollin on 15" grown rims boyooooo
hehe Yeh he was in Chamonix he looked like Hadgrid off Harry Potter thus a a photo :D
hehe Biznitch.
Your the only one for me UKC4 anyway ;) :D
har har not :D
What the hell is that last one?
Its something Dell Boy would order har har.
ooo me in the middle of god dam nowhere


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