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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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Rich is being mean to me !!!! He keeps on making me want to spend money !!! .. :D
Here's Scoobys Tan Hill Raid Video

It can be downloaded by Right Clicking and choosing Save target as.... on the following Link,

Scooby's Tan Hill Inn Video
A Message From Rich

Rich sends us a Message :)

(only works in Internet Explorer and you need sound)
scooby212 said:
rich you crazy booooy ;)

where the hell did you find that????

The veeper thing? I was sent the site by a friend.. some crazy stuff you can do on that.. :)
Rich your parents don't know? HAHA.. Won't your dad notice sommat when his son goes out for a drive and a rumble and vibration that measures 6.5 on the rictor scale shakes the hell out of his house... and then when he goes out he sees his son sat there in his MINI with a Smile that registers TEN on the "Rictus" scale? hehehe :D
scooby212 said:
its me that has kept the mod from the parents

the air box is in my bedroom hehe
DOH ! Will teach me to read the threads properly.. . :D.

HEHEHE VERY NICE Rich :D Sounds freakin excellent
A friend posted this on another forum...

I have to say there really aren't many words to describe this... but Oh my god.. this is funny as !! :D

Right click here and save as.....

You'll need Quick time to view it. It's 45Mb
Bah... Working till 9:30pm on the 27th Nov... :mad:

Liverpool just doesn't get snow any more.. The greedy Welsh freakin mountains take it all and the Irish sea...

We just get bleedin rain !

might just have to drive up to Yorkshire for the sake of it... just to play in the snow
Isn't the internet the best thing eva??

This kid is just unbelieavable

Right click and save as...
Freaky the way that kid stands up after the fake fall.. !! :)

.....btw we gotta get some cheesy 70's tracks for the Bronte run..

Methinks some Earth, Wind and fire is in order.. heh.. where they about in the 70's? LOL

Boney M ! LOL,

though having siad that some 80's would be cheesy enough.. Depeche Mode - Just Can't get enough.. LOL guess who been listening to VH1 Classic all night.. haha
Rich_IX said:
Id tap that :D ;)
ROFL You know it man.. ! :D
She'd be screamin your name.........................with a real bad whistly lisp through her croc gob !

She's what's commonly known as a Hippopotacrocopig
nickbardsley said:
I had that problem scooby when i had my cooper. The sub was in the boot and I had gone to collect my 19" monitor from work... thinking it would go on the seat... I was wrong! It actually went on the passenger seat and the door would close, but you couldnt change gear as the box was pressing against the gear stick! My mate ended up driving up in a 4x4 for me to pick it up, so I could have the tunes on on my way home :D:D
Heheh.. .I've had to ferry too many large monitors to and from places in my time.. from picking up 19" monitors for people, to ferryingmy own 22" one to and fro.

The trick is to take a good thick duvét or sleeping back, take the monitor out of it's box and place the monitor carefully into the car, protected by the acquired bedding :)

Can't be scratching the inside of the car... or the monitor for that fact.. :)
Damn find pics.. B&W is always the best form of photography in my opinion :)
So which member of the Crew gonna be sporting this baby at the Bronte... I have an Idea.. :D

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Great day for me :D

had first OIL tlc service. A vibration they couldn't find 2 weeks ago has been somehow fixed during my oil change today so I guess sommat was loose in the oil system.

AND my Pipercross Viper arrived today LESS than 24hrs after I ordered it. gotta say a big thanks to Steve Galloway at for hiding the last one for me :) and getting it out immediately.

Hopefully have it fitted for the Bronte :)


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Veron781 said:
Ordered my induction kit today :cool: Should arrive Tuesday :D

SWEEET ! What ya ordered and where from ?
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