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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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So is this a private thread or can we all jump in :D
Hy guys, Just wanted to say have a safe trip down tomorrow to Trax, Nick and Scooby...

Looking forward to meeting with you... Looking forward to a good day ;)

Weather seems set fair :p Thank you God :D
scooby212 said:
still not quite there

got that pain in tha ass chrome grill bit to do

1. The tools - except i forgot the Autoglym Polish and fathers incredible car wash thingy that cost less than a bag o chips

2. Tyres so clean and fresh i could lick them :eek:

3. Flies BE WARNED - this is what you have to get thru if you pi$$ with me

:D :D :D

Ps Yes that is right - a toothpic - the only thing that can get the polish outta ya badge hee hee
You're making me feel inadequate with all that stuff :rolleyes: :eek:
scooby212 said:
3. Look into my lense - awesome shot taken by yours truly :p
Scooby, that is the best shot of the day I have seen :eek:

Forget the :bad::bad::bad::bad: and ass, that reeks of sexiness! Great shot my man :p :p
scooby212 said:
would have been even better if Daz-Baz-or-Kev wasnt staring into her a$$ :rolleyes:
True, but they can be photoshopped out of it :D
scooby212 said:
a quickie ooo errr

with jezzaaaaaa
Nice one mate, that is a great looking chick......wish I'd seen her, I could of traded the Missus in :D
nickbardsley said:
Its soooo sunny today, and my cars still clean from Trax :p
Hiya Nick and all...... :cool:

I'm not suprised its still shining.... it absolutely gleamed on Sunday, as did Scoobys :p

Credit to both of you for the long drive and still both shiny cars.... I should know, cos mines black and I know what a bugga it is to keep clean ;)
scooby212 said:
i managed to bake polish onto my bonnet - thanks to the help of Dom and the unstoppable Nick we managed to get the bonnet half decent - it was just tooooo hot
Glad I did mine on the Saturday, just a quick wipe over with the bug remover and a soft cloth on the Sunday thats all it needed :D

Same again on Saturday and Sunday for MiTP, altho forecast is for rain :rolleyes: :(
scooby212 said:
only found out about MiTP the other day -DOH!

would have loved to do that but instead one must travel north :rolleyes:
Where've you been... not on M2m :rolleyes: :eek:

Scotland and the Bravehearts beckon, still I bet you will have a blast.....

I get MC in a travelodge for the nite :p :D
scooby212 said:
I think im gonna have to spend a bit more time on m2m as i rarely go on there to be honest :eek:

But i think i "have" to now!

Is DK going?
Not sure about DK.......

M2m good for a bit of the ole banter ;)
scooby212 said:
yea ok i have put link on first page

will try and pop by now n again :D

are you on Tan Hill run?
Bit North for me by the sound of it mate :D

Haha only joking.... tbh, I havent done to many runs off here, I tend to look at the banter and none of the runs being a more M2m man....

Will have to look at the thread for it, and see what the dates are etc... :p
nickbardsley said:
I try to visit M2M, its always a bit of fun over there, but its easily forgotten when theres soo much fun over here :p

:eek: :eek:
nickbardsley said:
Well I made it into work... just :eek: Never a good idea going out on a school night ! doh
Oh I dunno, sounds like an interesting nite, other than you made it to YOUR home and not HERS :D
Mini Cruiser said:

;) back at you MC...... Looking forward to Saturday nite in the Travelodge with you :p :D
Mini Cruiser said:
Scooby i ate way to much as well, some bloody diet im on! 1x large big mac meal and chicken nuggets :eek: :eek: feel like a RIGHT bloater!
Dont worry I can think of a few ways you could work it off :eek: :eek: :D
Mini Cruiser said:
OOOOOOOOOOO wibbly, promises :D:D
Promises or threats :D

<-----------------------Passes out on the floor :p

I'll get me coat :rolleyes:
scooby212 said:
oooh just found this pic from TRAX that i forgot to post - looking hard as nuts as usual baby boooy - nick opted for the optional 6ft tree in bonnet option only available at selected BMW franchises :D
But there is life on Mars tho :p

evening all :D
Where's Rich when you need him............... :rolleyes:
Yeah.. needed a bit of advice about Ipod bits and pieces and what to order :(
Rich_IX said:
Wibbly ill be on later just having something to eat just been to the local pub so im starvin...
MSN me at [email protected]
okies, cheers dude
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