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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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right guys the next few weeks for me

1) 5 Sept 2004 - Trax Day at Silverstone
2) 12 Sept 2004 - Hadrians Wall
3) 19 Sept 2004 - Derbyshire Dales Run

Map of where we are
oohhh my first (ish) post by mother DK ;)
oops not on one sec

now on - still dont know how to retrieve any pagers tho
dont mention bananas Andy (esp when DK's around)

there was a post a long time ago about a hard banana............ stay quiet ;)
i think this thread has turned into the "DK Discipline Dungeon" hee hee

I wish i could put things in bold!!!! :(
god knows nick was on earlier on msn show me all his lovely car pics ferrari, bentley, ferrari, another ferrari :)

i was gonna do the recce for tan hill raid on sunday but have to courier my parents to Chester.

first time they will have been on a trip with me driving - they fear their lives - dunno why.

i keep telling them once you get over 100mph it handles lovely
ps its Veron-ica

she's not gonna be a happy bunny tut tut heheh
yea he mentioned the same to me but mine "seems" ok but i have not polished it yet so i expect to find some stuff on it somewhere.

On the run there was an almighty bang at one point and it was def rock on metal and i dont mean that in ZZ Top way either!

Im yet to see what and where it hit but it made me blink and duck !!!

Im lost as to what that noise was.

My suspension seems ok despite sqeaks etc on the run - i put that down to the water.

Also Rich did point out how hot my car was at the final stop and i thought yea i no rich its wicked just put your foot down and it goes like...... then he said no it really is HOT and there was heat really bad coming from outside at the side of the car - wierd!
Parc77 said:
(ended up with an exciting Toyota Corolla while it was fixed mmmmmmmmmmm)

hmmmm now thats a track car!!!

im still in two minds on wheels - i love my s spokes but i like Smoked 's wheels arospeed rs GT gunmetal grey with polished lip - minisport quoted 1077 with nankang wheels 7.5x18"

soooo tempted - insurance on mine would increase by 250 a year tho
the bling meister above is in da house

yea i got the business card rich mate ta

since we mentioned bananas DK has disappeared ????

oh well i have posted a "hello" and "im interested in..." post in the International New Mini Meeting which is to take place in Belgium on June 25 & 26 (see this post

I soooo want to go!

My France thread is and was only an idea and maybe we should go as a taster first, say for a weekend or week break somewhere in France - what do you reck??????

DK has asked me to ask you guys if your interested in the INMM 2005 to post your interest on the thread - btw its in the "Europe" section of "Community".

BTW guys i still cant do smileys unless i know code so its only :) ;) :( from me for a while - i cant edit or put things in bold so this thread is a bit like brown bread at the mo!!! ;)
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has anyone seen or heard from UKC4 - is he still having computer problems???
ooooohhhh shhhitt sorry i must have clicked the wrong!!!

it wont let me EDIT !!!!!!!!

cheers MiniA thats 2 drinks i owe you now haha

where are you - Birmingham???

Im actually in Manchester but seem to always in or around Leeds!!
oh and i was all ready on going aswell until MiniA said she wasnt - is there a shy smiley hmmmm let me try :shy

did it work?

Prob not!

Hey MiniA Manchester is soooo cool for shopping - i prefer the early sunday morning shopping myself - dump the car somewhere outside a shop and shop shop shop - il keep a look out for a silver mini with a hottie driving it ;) or let me know when your visiting and il give you a guided tour!!

a couple of experiences whilst in Manchester shopping....

actually im sure there was another one but i cant find it oh well
hey i am going to have to arrange a Manchester night on the town i think soon - Saturday night going to my fave places to ball!!!

This maybe a thread in itself???

Deansgate Locks - where all the footballers wives go yum yum - cocktails galore £5 a drink ;)

would be cool or we could do a thread on arranging nights out in each persons town - maybe a regular thing!!!!

Oohhh im getting excited at this now!!!!
MiniAdventurer said:
oh and i did see your car at cotswolds, just not you! i think i saw you coming into the school stop hmmm but we had to make a quick exit cuz the car park was getting too full!!
yea i saw you aswell just leaving - i was wearing my "i-want-to-get-stung-very-quickly" t-shirt (bright yellow)

oh well thats the price of fashion hehehe
oh ok - really wished i said hello now doh!

Trax i will say helllllooooooooooooo "how YOU doin" hahaha



sorry i love westwood!!!


hey we got a vivienne westwood in Manchester - bit bizarre tho !!

Holla at your girl Vivienne Westwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooood haha

that tickled me sorry!!

Where did you go after the auction at Cots - we ended up in the HEART of Northampton and it was MESSSSSY - we were out til about 2am then tried to win 2 bottles for the price of one in the vending machine

Forget the mini2 driving meets we need mini2 party and bar meets hahaha
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im not out tonite coz i have a cold - how gangsta hahaha

this damn weather!!

er i was sat to your right when you were sat down facing the DK and Soggy

we decided to skip the nearly empty Bar L8 and head into town ......oh dear not a good choice!!!

Then at about 2am we were drooling over the minis in the car park - we were gonna put an apple on apples car but thought our lives were worth more!!!!!

I met DK in Bar L8 and said hello - as always she was bossing us around - she was after Rich really - i think there is definately chemistry there but they both are in denial hahaha
its michael

whats wrong with your backside???

its seems fine but then again i havent really looked ..........i seem to have my spade in my hand and i appear to be digging a ....hole.....hahaha would have been funny the apple thing - coz theyr were apples on reception and i did suggest some naughtyness with them but didnt doh

imagine DK in the morning .......words to the affect of WTF!!!! hee hee
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