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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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Yay! Me likes this thread :D :p Great idea too :D

Michael.........get some aero side skirts.........they look wicked! :cool: :eek: :D
(By the way, your car was hot in both respects :D)

The paint work on mine seems to be fine, after the 3hours after-cots cleaning. A few stone chips on the front bumper, but nothing that a bit of polish and chipstix hasnt sorted out.

[email protected] Vernonica............. i'm not that mad haha

Emma, how was your kitten when you got back? (following our 'mother's meeting' :p )
Mine has just got over the trauma of missing me for 2 days :( .....How cruel am I for leaving my baby :( :( :(

Veronica :)
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scooby212 said:
First and foremost - are you female?

scooby212 said:
we have to look after Veron as she has managed somehow to get on without her boys tut tut

Eh? I am on that run?! :confused: :eek:

---------------------------------->just nips off to check it was my passenger front side LOCKABLE one than got nicked too :mad: :(

Are the metal ones about 28p each from BMW?

I know Halfords do a set of 5 metal ones for around 2quid, and 5 black plastic ones for 99p.

My lovely, chunky, shiny chome :cool: LOCKABLE ones where however a tenner (following my poor baby being victimised so many times previously)......yes, the bugger nicked off with one.........thats 2.50 worth of valve cap!!!!! :mad:

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Rich_IX said:
Thanks Michael I work out :D

[email protected] :D
Shock horror! I've now hit the 3000 mark!!!! :O

Veronica ;)
oooooooooooo Nick, now that is just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D:D:D:D :cool:

UKC4 said:
you'd of thought having a sexi, slick mini would do the job. Before I got it I was think as well as been a realy good car, that fit lasses would chuck themselves over the bonnet wanting me!! :eek: :D :D But NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO they must be blind or summat! Ohh well work today have to get some kip. :rolleyes: :eek:

That's strange, as I daily get hunky topless fellas chucking themselves over my bonnet/car. ;) :cool:
Go MINI....................................aye! :D

oooooooooo can't wait to see the pics :D

Have a safe trip, and enjoy! :D ;)

Rich, ya cheeky bugger! :rolleyes: :D

I'm off to polish the car...........sun at last! :eek: :D

nickbardsley said:
Make sure you dont miss any :p

oh... and can you do mine whilst you got your polishing stuff out :D

No probs Nick....just drop it round after work :D

Been looking at systems today....BOOM BOOM BOOM :D :D :D Tuesday hopefully ;) :cool:

What the hell has happened to this thread! I can't leave you fellas on ya own two minutes can I :rolleyes: :p :D

Veronica ;)
One word............Meadowhall! :D:D:D

Also........Halifax is quite a 'happen'n place' to be........or maybe not :(

Veronica ;)
oooooo the only tape I have is the Tiger Club theme tune! Oh yeah! what a track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger tiger tiger tiger tiiiiiiiiiiiger club!


Might play it to ya Michael over the walkie talkies hahahahahahaha :cool: :p
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ooooooooo that reminds me :eek: I need to start compiling my music for tomorrow!

Now where's my 5ive album, ooo and a bit of Jimmy Ray.................. :p ;)

Veronica ;)
Hey! I've gotta be up early tomorrow! 'Boot Sale Challenge' is coming to Halifax!
Fab run today, had fun :D
Good to see all you guys again :)

Special thanks once again to Rich and Michael for looking after me, and making sure I get there and back ok :)

Now, I wanna see some pics pics pic :D:D:D
(Won't get to see the ones we took till tomorrow :( )

Veronica ;)
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Ooooooooooo thats one fine looking car that last one.....

......... I wonder who's it is?! :D:D:D:D

Veronica ;)
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