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The Northern Monkeys Thread

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.:: иσятнєяи мσикєуѕ ::.

Welcome to the Monkeys Playground​

Grab a banana and make yourself comfy :D

Legal Monkey

Web Monkey

Fish Monkey

School Monkey

Lost Monkey
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Cant believe I have missed this thread !!! ooops, arriving late in style ha ha!! :D

Scooby, im on 5700 miles now, taking it easy :p

So much stuff going on, im happy now, because my clutch seems to have returned to its normal behaviour, dont know what was going on there :confused: ... but its ok now :D

This threads looking kind of busy! like the ladies andy :eek:
Parc77 said:
Quick question, do any of you guys know if the centre caps on the S spokes 17"s (the bit that says MINI on it) can be purchased from the Mini dealership/spares dept?
Andy, they can im sure, because the S - Spokes we sold (now owned by Veron) had no centre caps, and they do now :D

So either the guy nicked them, or they were bought from the dealer :rolleyes:

I forgot to answer earlier about motorsport wheels, yeah you sort of need to make up a company name, but dont worry about that until you come to paying for them. Itll be fine :p
MiniAdventurer said:
hello gangster boys :rolleyes: ;)

tan hill recce was wicked, good to see nick b there, we haven't spoken properly before i don't think (forgive me if we have!!) lunch was a bit dodgy :( but apparently the pubs alright usually!

just watch out for those sheeeeepies... ;)
I think we spoke briefly at the Cotswolds :) Was good to see you, I hope you dont think im a looney trying to make my car fly, it wasnt on purpose... honest ;)

Are we going to be seeing yourself and Chris on the actual run?
MiniAdventurer said:
this cinderella will not be coming to the ball- i'll be in canada teaching skiing.

couldn't you make it a month later, fairy godmother?? :D

Cool, ill have to get some tips (pardon the pun!) off you at Trax, im going skiing in Feb for 2 weeks, cant wait for it :D
Parc77 said:
Well if they dont sell them (think they do as asked the same q in a different thread) I'll get my screwdrivers set out lol :D not!

Did motorsport fit the tyres for you or did you get them done somewhere else Nick?
... so long as you dont point em at mine :eek:

They fitted the tyres, they fit tyres for Auto Design Technics apparantly (Kahns) so they should be respectable enough, the service was top notch when i went, they have fitted 4 sets of Toyos in total for myself and my dad :cool:
Parc77 said:
Any ideas for company name? are they really that strict about you being a company?
Parc Design?
I just said the company who I work for, dont worry about it :D
MiniAdventurer said:
yeah we prob did, i met so many people that night it's hard to keep track of names/faces! chris and i will be there for the actual run, should be good :D

trying to get out of going to trax though, money tight atm and we're going to silverstone the week after for mini in the park... just waiting for a reply from someone who wanted tickets but couldn't get any.

skiing rocks :D
You should go to Trax !!! :D I think we saw you when we were playing pool.

Well im looking forward to that run, the next time ill go for getting my car there without half of the front bumper missing :rolleyes:

Skiing does rock, I so cant wait to go again!
MiniAdventurer said:
that's what they all say :rolleyes: i know better ;)
Ha ha, those gays on trays :D :D I heard all about them :eek:
MiniAdventurer said:
haha that's a great saying, not heard it before!
I liked that one, my mate whose a ski instructor told me about it... but there is one for skiiers too, it involves sticks, work it out :eek:
Parc77 said:
I think nick had the best idea when it came to names (use ur own) I just thought of mine off the top of my head as I thought it would just be a sign in name (only used to sign in and my name not actually visable to others kinda thing)
Would anyone really have called themselves an*lpena*rator?? :D
Nevermind I dont think any of us picked particulary bad names
Im sure if you asked Mr Mullet if you could change to the afore mentioned name he would say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you could say that your dog called scooby died and you are deeply traumatised everytime you log on to Mini2 :D everyone knows you as scooby now though.
I didnt really think when i signed up doh! its a bit annoying having my name as my username, but i cant be bothered to set up a new user as it just confuses people :rolleyes:
Nice pics scooby, like the way your on one side of the ford and your car on the ford, you did realise your meant to drive through it not walk across it? :rolleyes:

Well its gone fairly quiet in here, Rich... im just downloading your ferrari stalking vid ha ha :D

Im sure there will be plenty of nice pics in here after Trax... of fine automobiles of course!
Just got in from the cinema, thought I would add a few to the collection ;)

1. Is Dom checking out the phat escort?
2. Telescope lens
3. Nice paint :p


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Just found this pic... now these two look like there up to no good, Scooby is contemplating what he is going to do with his camera during the day ahead, whilst rich is thinking of all the ladies he is going to have his pic taken with :rolleyes:


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Haha, i liked that pic rich.

I dont know if Captain looks at this thread, but if you do :), sorry I didnt wave back this morning, was concentrating on getting past all those cars and just saw you at the last minute :rolleyes:

Its soooo sunny today, and my cars still clean from Trax :p

Rich, Scooby and Parc, you will have to get plenty of pics from Hadrians wall :D

So whens the Z4 coming Parc, I heard that there is an uncanny resemblance in engine note with the Boxster! which has got to be a good thing :D
wibbly said:
Hiya Nick and all...... :cool:

I'm not suprised its still shining.... it absolutely gleamed on Sunday, as did Scoobys :p

Credit to both of you for the long drive and still both shiny cars.... I should know, cos mines black and I know what a bugga it is to keep clean ;)

Wibbly... you dont need to clean yours!! you have Eibachs and a WORKS kit... enough said.

Andy, me and Scoobs got there so early, that we had chance to polish our cars and clean our wheels etc before the rest arrived :rolleyes:

Straight six all the way :p
hey there everyone! thought I would go for latest post on a school night... just been out with a crazy girl who was buying me double vodka, archers and lemonade!!!! am I going to make it for work in the morning :rolleyes:

Hope everyone has a good day at MITP and Hadrians Wall... I expect to see plenty of pics :D

Oh and rich, i think ill be on about 7k by the Peak District run DOH
MiniAdventurer said:
my mileage has just clicked over 21k :eek: :eek:
Whoaaaa thats a lot of miles :D

Well I made it into work... just :eek: Never a good idea going out on a school night ! doh
wibbly said:
Oh I dunno, sounds like an interesting nite, other than you made it to YOUR home and not HERS :D
haha, that will be next week ;) ...I wish :rolleyes:

Still feeling hungover, never again am I doing that on a school night :p
UKC4 said:
do you think you will get a tax rebate know you are helping the enviroment with your new Mod (The tree) :D :rolleyes:
I hope so! I was particularly proud of that mod, and its insurance friendly too ;)

Im just waiting for the big bore bamboo exhaust... watch this space :p
I have just carried out a new mod for my mini... the ferrari dino body kit... pleased with the results so far :cool:


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