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MINI Lou...that is too funny about your Dad. My Dad kind of gets a kick out of the whole MINI thing. He is a member of an online forum for his car too, however the owners are a bit more rich and snotty.
I notice that fewer woman wave in MINI's then men. I thought I was the only dork at school with a MINI who would park next to another MINI if I had the chance. But today I came out and a CR/W MCS was parked behind me. I know it's a girl who drives it too cause I have seen her. Maybe they have the same car obsession but don't express it as much as we do.
Oh, and a lot of my guy friends and even the girls can't believe how much I am into cars, especially my MINI. You know how many people looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to a MINI meet.
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