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just last night after work I was going to see the semifinal of the Mexican football on a bar, there I was on a stop light when a idiot guy crash into my MINI, I step out of the car and there I was looking at the damage, the guy didn´t had insurance and the car was a 94 mustang horrible black many more scars look on this car like is normal to crash daily, the guy does not have money to pay so the insurance company took for guaranty the horrible mustang the police came, you can imagine that I did not so the semifinals. I'm very angry, for many of you will not understand how you can drive a car without insurance, sadly in this country you can, Mexico has many beautiful things but many others like this one and the worst poverty and lack of education.

well maybe I will get to see the finals and have a pint of Guinness.

Cheers (the bar) im one of the owners and maybe if you come to Mexico city one day you can come and visit us.



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