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This is fun this. a mini ''insider'' from a different forum told me there will be no mini moke and theres not a market for them so it wont go into production.

nice moke idea but its not going to happen.

heres the message i recived:

I was confused to what you were asking until I seen the made up pictures you were talking about.

In interest for the MINI launch in 2000 , The designers went to town on the BL Mini using inspiration for variations off new MINI . In truth this is all that this was a design exercise. The next MINI due in 2007 will not offer a MINI moke as the article so put - we do not see a market for this car and it would be a costly exercise .

To keep interest in the current MINI just as the next generation is about to be launched there is interest in phasing in a MINI speedster of the current model - a plan which was always from the beginning of the current MINI (E50) strategy. Such a model will provide a stop gap from current to next generation so interest will remain high in the current model until the next cabrio and the exciting variants we have planned for the next generation MINI.
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