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Hi, hoping someone can help. I have an 08 Cooper S.
I have recently had the following happen whilst driving on motorway at steady speed.
Cruise Control Failure light came on on dash followed instantly by loss of throttle response & check engine light.
Got it onto hard shoulder & got recovered.
Codes showing are P2103, P1637 & P1638 which all seem to be related to throttle valve.
Engine has been apart with new rings, timing chain, deoke etc etc & has no carbon build up at all.
If I switch it off for 10 mins say then I can drive it fine for 30 secs, maybe a minute or 2 but then throttle does the same thing & just doesn't rev up, only stutters to approx 2000rpm.
Engine hunts wildy on tickover too.
It did the same thing a few months ago but without showing the codes only the crusie control failure light(cruise control wasn't on on either occassion) & check engine light.
Switched it off for 10/15 mins & then it was fine & has been until the other day when it did it again about 100 miles into a trip but now with the 3 fault codes.
Basically what I wanted advice on was do I change the throttle body & go from there or is there something else more likely to be causing the fault ?
here's hoping you guys can help me, thanks.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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