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As the title say currently driving a Tiguan Sport auto TDI.

In an effort to downsize and drastically increase my MPG I'm looking at a Clubman D Chilli spec.

I have a 2.5 year old son and a new born on the way in June, I like the Dubman but was wondering if we can fit all the associated gear in the boot by removing the floor and using the sparewheel space as well. We are also buying a Honda Jazz for full on local family trips as the Clubman will be my day to day vehicle, but there will be the odd occasion when we will require the Mini for this purpose.

I have worked out that I will save close to 5k in running costs alone by switching to a Dubman but will I cope with the dramatic reduction in load space? Has anyone made the switch and regretted it or loved the experience?



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Dimensions in inches from

With seats up in normal position (slightly leaned back) 17.5" front to back and 32" side to side.

With seats down 43" to 47" depending on front seat location front to back and 32" side to side

With seats in secondary up position (straight up) 22.5" front to back and 32" side to side.

Have never tried getting all the stuff that goes along with a toddler in my Clubman, but I know my mate has without any problem. His car will have had 3 adults, 1 toddler, and all her stuff in it.

Nearest I've got is 2 adults, 1 nine year old, and a kids mountian bike. Or two adults, 1 nine year old, lugguage, and enough Christmas presents for 4 adults, & 3 sub ten year old kids.

So with the flat floor removed you'll be surprised what you can get in.

Pop to your dealer with all the stuff you expect to carry around with you. I'm sure any half decent salesperson will let you try and get it all into one of their demo cars:)

The Clubman D is a wonderful little family motor.

Happy hunting.

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I did very nearly the same......downsizing from an X3 M Sport to the Clubbie D.
My daughter is 2.5 and my son will be here in April.
My plan involves a roof box ;)
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