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Timing issues

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Hi there

I’m sure this has been covered already but I’m struggling to make sense of it. The mini in question is a 2009 cooper with 70k on the clock. I recently changed both vanos units and sensors as it was running erratically both cold and hot and performance was off. It was better but still not right. BTW oil changed and levels checked regularly.

I took it to my local garage who said it would most likely be the timing chain, which for good measure should be changed between 60-70k (what’s the point of having a chain?). So this was changed along with the vacuum pump and the firmware updated. The car was given back and after only a short distance or two miles home the engine light came on and the car started drive very erratically, much worse than at anytime before. I have since driven the car several times, sometimes it runs very well and other times it’s like have kangaroo under the bonnet at low revs, with very rough idle and poor pick. Once it’s reached 25/3000 revs the engine is fine.

My code reader picked up the following codes P0011,0012,2870,287D and 2845 all suggesting vanos, timing, pump etc. I have spoken to the garage and they have said that it needs a firmware patch from BMW and this cannot be accessed because of the current lockdown due to COVID-19.

My current thinking is that the timing and pump must be ok as it can run properly. This leaves the ecu, vanos units and sensors. The vanos units and sensors I replaced and where bought online not from BMW. So perhaps the quality of these items is not good enough? Advice on this would be great as I need the car to work. Thanks
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A new code to add to the list 2891....
Imo it's crap service from the garage and they should fix it instead of fobbing you off by telling you to go somewhere else.
Sounds like they've fucked up and made things worse.
I'd go back and tell them to fix it properly or you'll sue.
Firmware update is a load of bollocks and just an excuse to get rid of you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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