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Tinted Windows

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I want to tint my windows as it is very sunny in South Florida. I can not decide how dark to tint them. Has anyone tinted their windows? Any Pics out there with tinted windows?

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Do a search under tinted windows you will find many threads

If they don't answer your questions you can always come back and start me and Basil of again:D
It's so tempting to take the mickey.......but I'll resist :D
Fl tint

FL has a state law on how dark the front side windows can be. Generally the shops tint the back windows quite dark and the fronts lighter. I got the shop to do all the same darker film. No police have bothered me so far. The sides are as dark as the sunroof which is the look I wanted on my pure silver/black Cooper. A pic of my car ought to still be on the thread regarding personalised plates.
AndyW could your remarke have had something to do with Novas.:) :) :) :) :D :D
Here's a pretty comprehensive thread about tinting windows... it gets kind of amusing! :D

Loui- that's the thread I was referring to! :)
AndyW said:
Loui- that's the thread I was referring to! :)
Don't go there please lets not please please... Basil help me:D
My Mini is red with white top. I have not seen a picture of how it will look. Silver and black looks ggod with the tint. I live in FL and my last car was a Mustang with Mirroer tint. You could not see in, even if you put your nose to the windows! I never got pulled over by the cops, so I am not worried. I am not going that far with the mini. People need to be able to see in this car! I want to get as dark as the law allows on the front windows, all the way around.

I will post a pick, as I am planing to do it this weekend. A birthday present to me!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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