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I read the N12 engine apparently only requires spark plug change every 100k miles.

But upon inspecting the service log book of my relative's 2007 R56 Cooper, it show 'ticks' under 'Yes' column for spark plugs on the car's 4th and 8th birthdays at 14k and 33k miles respectively when it was covered by TLC and TLC XL servicing at the time.

This is a daft question.

Does this mean the spark plugs were replaced, or were they merely 'checked' (eg. not misfiring) as the mileage was no where near 100k miles to require replacement?

The Cooper is now approaching its 12th birthday 45k miles. If it had inexpensive regular copper cored spark plugs, I'd have no hesitation in changing them after 12k miles. However, the OEM BERU plugs are long life and almost 4 times more expensive.
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