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22. Steal a lot of gold.

21. Fart & pick me nose...... at least I'm honest...--rasp The Mini Family Sponsers

20. Driving through big puddles Nothing more satisfying than making a big splash--Hickster

Anodyne (What about your hood scoop--that will keep your intercooler cool--justbob)

19. Drive in the middle lane on a three-lane road with two Hummers on both sides of you.
(then shake you head, sigh, and zoom off as one of the insecure dudes driving the Hummer looks at you...oh, and he's wearing a baseball hat too because he's losing his hair...)--Cooper76 MotorCityMadman

18. Zip in and out between big trucks (18 wheelers) while doing 80 down a highway... --MiniMouse42 MINI2 Newbie

17. If you see an armored car, drive like a maniac through traffic to catch up to it, and then follow it as long as you can, closely. Call in late to work if neccesary. Call friends who own Minis and vector them in on the chase. Keep going until the armored car or you run out of gas. Or, until the SWAT team shows up....

16. In slow moving traffic, take the off ramp to exit and then the on ramp to enter the same road. This may not work, but you get to see some beautiful intersections....(this works really really well in any U.S. metropolitan area....)

15. Seeing how many laps of the local round-about you can do in one minute, everytime you go through it on your way to work or on the way home. (A big hit in England and the UK)

14. Whenever you leave after your MINI has been sitting for awhile, do the "NASCAR Weave" to warm up your tires before you hit the main road. (Get those stiff sway bars!--a fav for many And keep those tire temperatures up!!)

13. Drive down Lombard Street in San Francisco. (optional: for time!)--LombardStreet At the dealer! (A "Must Try")

12. after u go thru the Toll Booth with ezpass rev your mini to the max speed in each gear its a blast seeing all the cars behind u getting small--MiniSMan (Total Pleasure!)

11: Race around the road course at Imola, Italy with 99 other Mini's singing "This is the self preservation society!"--MiniWildcat Homer the MINI

10: Drive around London like a stupid American tourist with your family and crash into the Queen's Carriage--MiniWildcat Homer the MINI

9. Do laps around an all glass building so you can watch yourself drive your MINI.--tavis1
a.k.a Handsome Rob

8. Autocross!!!--Hammer MINI2 Regular

7. man it seems that at every light at EVERY intersection is some punk a** kid rev'en his car... then he glances over and sneers... I hit the traction control... you get the picture. Gotta love South Florida.--piston Southern Florida Coop S'so #2 smoke civics, and your tires

6. Weave in and out of a lot of cones at a construction site! Or: Knock over lots of cones! (at a construction site lane!)--justbob

5. My favorite thing to do in my MINI...........and I'm not to just turn off the tunes and listen to the engine rev as I click through the gears. Beautiful, relaxing............and slightly Zen???--gokartride MINI2 Regular

4. drop down into a low gear, put your foot down and zoooooooooooooooooooooooom!--Intrepid Reunited at last

3. Downshift and blip the throttle going through tunnels and under bridges.... Or indeed through underground pipework when trying to avoid capture by a disgruntled former colleague.--Baz F
MINI2 Senior

2. Chase or be chased by other Mini's of course!--Wuxley MINI2 Regular

1. Drive naked--with heated leather seats! (Careful who you let in the passenger seat!)

Transcends #1: Just drive it!--afromanbob, et al.
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