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So I'm driving down the freeway yesterday morning when I hear an incredibly loud THUD. I get to work and see that I must have been hit by the largest flying rock ever. It hit the bonnet hard enough to put a very large (size of a finger nail) chip in the paint, but (thank god!) didn't leave a dent.

In my haste to cover the chip before my husband saw it and accused me of driving too close behind trucks (which I DON'T do), I got out my liquid yellow touch up paint and proceeded to do the poorest touch up job ever. It looks worse than the chip! Like a big blob of yellow finger nail polish or something.

How do I remove the touch up paint without damaging my beautiful little car??? And if this stuff can be removed, how does one go about doing a decent touch up job? Help? :eek:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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