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Toyota Matrix Ad=Italian Job rip-off?

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Seems to me that the new Toyota Matrix commercial running here in The States is alittle too reminiscent of the chase scene in the Italian Job movie, featuring Minis. Gives me the feeling that Toyota was trying to step on MINIs toes as far as advertising and marketing a similar vehicle. Anyone else get that feeling?
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I made that point a few weeks ago. The ad is very much like the "Martians" ad for the MINI. They show glimpses of the Matrix zipping around corners and down dark alleys. It is very MINI-like from the rear, about the same height and width, but it is a four door and is about two and a half feet longer than the MINI. It costs about the same, and the four wheel drive model with a more powerful engine costs less than the Cooper S. The MINI still has the edge because it is unique, but it could suffer if the build quality is not up to snuff.
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