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Track Day March 25th - Open to MINIs and guests

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MINI5280 will host it's first Open Track Day of the year on Friday, March 25th. Details:

- Friday, March 25th
- Gates open 9 am to 3 pm
- $60 per per, waiver required, pay at the gate
- Snell approved helmet required

RSVP in the MINI5280 online calendar and events site. Go to, click calendar, scroll down and jump to MINI5280 calendar, click on event for March 25th and sign up there.


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We're chartering one of the new Airbus 380's or whatever they are called. Can you make sure your new Denver airport can handle a proper airplane? :D

The Europeans are coming over and they will be taking names........ :D :D :D


Aeroplane! Airplane is a rather amusing film with Lesley Neilsen in it! :D

If we put the Minis on a boat now we might just make it.

Seriously have a great time!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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