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Transmission / clutch advice

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My niece has an 05 plate mini one which has developed a fault with the transmission/ clutch. Its as if the clutch is permanently disengaged. You can select the gears without the clutch pressed and there is no drive at all to the wheels. Local garage has said it needs a new clutch master and slave cylinder and quoted 900 quid which i think is crazy. Ive had a look at both and neither cylinder is leaking obviously.
Anyone come across this before? I would have thought if these cylinders failed then the clutch wouldnt be disengaged or am i missing something ?
Thanks in advance
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maybe selector fork broken in gear box,
Thanks. Is that a case of replacing with a recon box or can the selector fork be replaced itself by a home mechanic ?
below link give idea of what and where it is on top of gearbox yep diy fairly easy
or if the pin gone below repair kit,

not saying it s this just that if a garage has looked at it and is saying its something then normally it is what they tell you, that said all old cars are a can of worms never really know what you have until open them up, and any good tech might give you a number of outcomes based on other jobs etc, also based on stripping it and seeing what you really have, seen so may people do the you said it would be this or that when most gives a number of outcomes based on what is found, as no one has a crystal ball or can see in to the future etc,
if no one has looked at it its all guess work and thats the mother of all f ups
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Thanks for your help. It sounds more likely to be something like that. The local garage said it was a hydraulic issue but as nothing appears to be leaking and it wont put drive into any gear at all seems strange. Will let you know the result
Well think the problem has been found. Removed the transmission and found parts of the clutch plate fibre in the gearbox. Then after removing the clutch pressure plate found that the side in contact with the pressure plate had no material left at all. Fully down to the metal !
Another question though please. Luckily its not a dual mass flywheel but it does have some " blue " marks and tiny cracks. Think this is something that could be machined or will be ok ? Thanks again
That flywheel is only fit for the bin I'm afraid. Flywheels have too much energy to be fitting anything with cracks in.
flywheel has cracked from excessive heat on the surface from clutch slip or being slipped so the surface gets very hot then goes cold before the inner metal does this causes cracks. joys of a solid flywheel nothing there to deal with the point of bite as a dmf will.
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