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Transmission or Clutch?

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Hey all!

I have a problem with one of my gears (3rd), along my drive yesterday it had stopped working, it just slips out when i release the clutch and slips back into gear when I push it down. All other gears work and I am wondering if it is a transmission being worn, or if my clutch needs replacing.

I tried to see if I can stall it on third gear, with no success. It will slip out of gear when the clutch is released and slip back in when the clutch is engaged. It will however stall in every other gear (1-2 4-6).

I am thinking clutch needs replaced, anyone have any other ideas before I pay for a clutch?

Car is a 2013 Mini One.

Thank you.
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gear box, might be selector fork worn if lucky, if not 3rd gear cogs in box worn and syncromesh ie the baulk rings that make changing gear easy and smooth ,, if it snicks when changing gear in 3rd gear that will also be worn out or damaged
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