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Trickling Noise?

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Anyone else hear a trickling noise in their Cooper?

It sounds like liquid under pressure moving through a pipe. I have heard it in my own car and in a courtesy Cooper.

Hope I'm not going mad.

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It's not the air conditioning is it? I know I heard a trickling noise when the air con was on and I turned the fan off.
nope. I don't have aircon.
Sunroof drain pipe?

Chip H.
Its air locks in the cooling system, particularly in the heater matrix. In time the air will work its way out, and I would expect the coolent resevoir to need topping up.
Took my car 500 miles for the level to stop dropping and
all the gurgles to dissapear.

You would have to go over the whole procedure again
if the coolent was replaced, as in my case when the gearbox and clutch was replaced at 1800 miles
Loss of bladder control maybe...

Sorry couldn't resist. Carry on then...:)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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