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I gave my car a good cleaning last weekend, got dirty on Monday again, so washed it last night once more.

I noticed a stain on the bodywork, kinda like a hand print? On closer inspection, I see where I sprayed the wheelarches with Back to Black, there is a stain all around them also, like a mottling or marbling of the paintwork, yet it is still smooth.

I'm thinking the larger stain may be from where I leaned against the wing at one point?

I polished the car with Autoglym Resin Polish after doing the arches too, but this doesn't seem to have eliminated the stain either...............anyone ever seen this before? :confused:

Deserter Zed
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back to black is even horrid stuff, but can be buffed off with a clean dry cloth. use autoglym bumper care, much better! bak to blk is like an oil or summut, it mings an get everywhere, being a spray, not gud!

hope this helps

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