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Trunk lock stuck with a glove.

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Hi guys,
My glove was stuck with the trunk lock. I cannot open the trunk at this point and it shows that the trunk is open and I cannot use the rear camera. I have a 2017 2 door mini cooper hatchback. Is there any way to open the trunk and get the glove out of it?
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I'm not familiar with the type of lock on this model but can you unlock the car, & push against the trunk as if you were closing it but maintain the pressure on it, & get someone to try & open it? I'm thinking the trapped glove means the lock is under pressure & it can't release, so pushing against the trunk might take the pressure off the lock.
Had a similar experience and here are my findings: My 2000 vert does not have the little motor in the glove box latch, but it does have the microswitch. In my case to put the trunk and glove box into valet I have to physically lock my glove box, then the trunk and trunk button become locked. When I first got the car, one of the wires to the microswitch in the glove box latch was not connected. The valet system obviously didn't work. I soldered the wire to the microswitch and the valet system activated regardless of the position of the glove box lock.
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