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Tuning 90 to 115 PS

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Can someone explain me process of tuning Mini One 90-115 PS
Thank you
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A remap of the ECU Bluefin is quite popular..

Very simple to do..
Can you please tell me how to do it?
just search for remap services for a Mini One, none of them will be very good but they'll all derestrict the throttle, so it won't matter is you try and find the cheapest, and there will be cheaper than stuff like superchips I'm sure, the bluefin maps are crap just like any other typical generic map offered by most of the advertisers,

if wanting to modify the car for better performance other than just getting full throttle function then explore custom maps which will be able to deal with other mods like performance camshaft or cylinder head work etc and have the car running much better than a generic map file ever will, optimising everything, generic files have no idea what your car has so would never run right in the top rpm ;O)
Hi all,
I have a 2006 mini one r52 (convertible) I want to get more power out of it and thus need some more experienced opinions.
I was thinking of getting :

-the Lohen Lo2 tuning kit. This includes
-Superchips Bluefin
  • Milltek Cat-back exhaust
  • Janspeed Manifold & removable high-flow cat
  • Induction kit
  • Iridium spark plugs
I know that the exhaust setup differs from r50 to r52 so I will have to buy an additional performance exhaust.

- quicksilver catback mini one r52 performance exhaust.

This^setup should get me to about 140bhp but will run me about two grand. So the question is do I just get a tune, exhaust and an induction kit for way less and get myself to maybe 130/132 BHP or is the Lohen kit really worth it?


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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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