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Cooper S R56, 2009, N14B16 Manual
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I would change both axles and fit New parts. IT May be expensive, but you will have No Problems for the next 10 years min. Im doing the whole undercarriage for My E46 Just to have No Problems for the nexT years.

I know what you feel about the N14 engines.

I have done the whole engine without the Piston Rings, even bought a new cylinder head With fresh camshafts, valve seals etc. And now the Piston rings startet to force blowby on the PCV SYSTEM. It leaks like 1l Oil on the Hose at the Valvecover. The HPFP leaks to i think or My Injectors. But its time to say Stop. I think the HPFP is down, because the Car Runs rich and the Car idles a Bit to much to get started. IT Need Like 10l Gas for 100 KM and that is to much. Other drivers get Like 7l for 100 km.

And Mine is just whining until 3000 rpm. I changed the belt, Waterpump, Pipe and Thermostathousing, Pulley of the belt and IT still whines.

Im thinking about selling the Car. It costed already over 3500 Euro and still have issues.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts