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Two small annoyances

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I have two small annoyances that have been present since I bought my R58 S (N18) in December 2019 and have been working through a list of things to sort and tidy up. If anyone could help with either it would be greatly appreciated please!

First issue:

I am unsure if this is just the way it is or if this is a problem that needs addressed - I do not recall having this issue with my old R56 S (N14 engine). I noticed the sound deading under the bonnet had a burn mark pressed into it which seems to have been caused by the pipe running from the left side of the tubro (I don't know the term, possibly some sort of oil feed pipe?) which itself has part of the sheath torn partly exposing whats beneath.

Is this something that needs addressed? Any potential issues?

Second issue:

Thankfully this is more of a trivial matter. On my old R56 S it did not have DAB radio, just FM. Setting the tuner presets meant that I could use the functions on the steering wheel and it would go through my selected preset stations.

The R58 S I have now has DAB and unlike FM once I have set my presets, trying to use the funcations on the wheel to scroll through to the station I want, the presets are ignored and instead it just searches for another random station.

Am I doing something simplely wrong here or is it just not possible to scroll through your preset list when using DAB on the MINI? I have tried searching for an answer but not having any luck in finding a relating question to begin with.

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That's the O2 sensor, add some electrical tape and your good to go,not a big deal.

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Thank you! I was not finding that out for myself, I was searching realoem for something oil pipe related.

I've got the part number now and plan on buying a replacement. Bosch part for pretty inexpensive money - I would rather spend the little money and time swapping it out myself as I am funny with things like this rather than taping it up.
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