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Tyre pressure sensor issue?

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Hi All, this one's concerning my Sister's Mini Cooper D (2014) with 50,000 miles. About 6 months ago, her front passenger tyre kept losing pressure (she thought it was a slow puncture). She took it to Kwikfit, who said the tyre was OK, but the pressure sensor was faulty, so they changed it. But, as soon as she drove it home, the Tyre Pressure Sensor warning light came on (it wasn't on at all before).

So, she took it to her normal garage, who said Kwikfit hadn't cleaned the tyre properly, so they cleaned it and reset everything. But, that night, the Tyre Pressure Sensor warning light came on again!

Any ideas?

She's going to need 2 new front tyres soon, so she's hoping the issue will disappear when they're replaced, but I'm not so sure...
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it needs reset with proper tpms scan tool, first mistake was going to kwikfit.
go anywhere but there and get tyres done at independant with proper tools
Thanks, I'm going to advise my sister to buy one from here - pre coded to the VIN (and car type/age).

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