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Just wondering, and thought it might help to get a bit of interest up, if we had a thread to plan and arrange those in the UK that are interested in the BIGGEST meet next year.

Basically the meet is all detailed here INMM 2005 by our own Morty, and he will update with further info as it happens. You can also visit the offical site here!!

So anyway, I am interested and hope to attend, would appreciate it if others would register their interest and then confirm etc...

We can use this thread (I will keep the first post updated as best I can) to list those interested, those coming, and who is in which chalets with who else, and then meet up points when we get closer to the event:)

Then as normal there is a Banter thread too:)

UK MINI2'ers Attending INMM

Rakey & Jlo - Martin & Jo
dcfkan - Dora -Chunnel Booked
Max - Mr Max to you;) - Chunnel Booked
Scooperman - Lawrence - Chunnel Booked
RVW - who everyone forgets:p - Chunnel Booked
Skinnyrunt - Rakeys gimp to pay for being disloyal:p
Wibbly as Skinnys Gimp
fevs and mrs fevs - Ferry Booked
Beastmaster and Peanut - Ferry Booked
Mad Brummie and Mini Adventurer - Chris and Clare
Ginger - Martyn
Paa100 - Natalie and I:p
J1JPE +1
Wigley - Stuart and Jane
Big Dave + Mini Molly

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You forgot RVW ;)

BTW: thanks for adding this thread :)

More info can be found on the site, if you join our mailinglist we will keep you informed on the progress :)

Price of the event is set at: 169 euro per person (+/- 118 Pounds)
This includes :

- 4 days of stay at Center Parcs Lommel (with entrance to all the normal facilities)
- Breakfasts (also the Big one on Sunday)
- INMM buffet and party on Saturday
- tour on sunday
- other MINI activities
- Welcome package and more ... :D

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dcfkan said:
BTW, Rakey, as starter of the thread, you can keep the list in the first post up to date yourself ;)
oh go on, you know you want to help:p

Seriously will be doing me best to keep it all upto date as promised, and to try and get a few more interested in the trip, as I think it will be a good one, and its my new adventure for next year:)
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