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UK MINI2'ers attending International New MINI Meet 2005

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Just wondering, and thought it might help to get a bit of interest up, if we had a thread to plan and arrange those in the UK that are interested in the BIGGEST meet next year.

Basically the meet is all detailed here INMM 2005 by our own Morty, and he will update with further info as it happens. You can also visit the offical site here!!

So anyway, I am interested and hope to attend, would appreciate it if others would register their interest and then confirm etc...

We can use this thread (I will keep the first post updated as best I can) to list those interested, those coming, and who is in which chalets with who else, and then meet up points when we get closer to the event:)

Then as normal there is a Banter thread too:)

UK MINI2'ers Attending INMM

Rakey & Jlo - Martin & Jo
dcfkan - Dora -Chunnel Booked
Max - Mr Max to you;) - Chunnel Booked
Scooperman - Lawrence - Chunnel Booked
RVW - who everyone forgets:p - Chunnel Booked
Skinnyrunt - Rakeys gimp to pay for being disloyal:p
Wibbly as Skinnys Gimp
fevs and mrs fevs - Ferry Booked
Beastmaster and Peanut - Ferry Booked
Mad Brummie and Mini Adventurer - Chris and Clare
Ginger - Martyn
Paa100 - Natalie and I:p
J1JPE +1
Wigley - Stuart and Jane
Big Dave + Mini Molly
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I'm very interested, I've only just seen this thread though. When do you need to know for definite?
G :ibblack:
Any news on my questions Mr Rake?
Still very keen.
G :ibblack:
Morty said:
Well I'll answer it then Ginger :)

The subscriptions will only begin end of this month and will last till march or april.. so you do have time you know :D

Hope this is sufficient info
Thanks Morty,
Tried to register on your site but it would not connect, I'll say a provisional yes at the moment - but I've got a couple of other big plans for next year.
G :ibblack:
Morty said:
Registering doesn't mean immediat payment.

If you register, you will afterwards receive a confirmation mail with payment details.
It's only after you've paid that you're fully registered.

So if you have problems now ... just register and pay in a month or so (or register in a month)

Just see what's the most convenient.
I hope we'll see some of you there :)
I've registered, will sort payment nearer to the date.
G :ibblack:
Rakey said:
6 I believe, so now we need to get Buttons and Betty to sign up;)
I'd be interested in sharing if there's any space - not going to be cost effective for me otherwise! :(
G :ibblack:
1 - 6 of 218 Posts
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