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MRS FEVS said:
if we're all sharing chalets, we'd better all remember our PJs, or it could be a bit embarrassing in the mornings!!
:red: :red: :)

That wont bother Mr Fevs we will have seen him in his birthday suite and we shall know where he stashes the cash after the MINI2 Ball:p :D

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Morty said:
Well I'll answer it then Ginger :)

The subscriptions will only begin end of this month and will last till march or april.. so you do have time you know :D

Hope this is sufficient info
Thanks Morty,
Tried to register on your site but it would not connect, I'll say a provisional yes at the moment - but I've got a couple of other big plans for next year.
G :ibblack:
21 - 40 of 218 Posts
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