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UK MINI2'ers attending International New MINI Meet 2005

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Just wondering, and thought it might help to get a bit of interest up, if we had a thread to plan and arrange those in the UK that are interested in the BIGGEST meet next year.

Basically the meet is all detailed here INMM 2005 by our own Morty, and he will update with further info as it happens. You can also visit the offical site here!!

So anyway, I am interested and hope to attend, would appreciate it if others would register their interest and then confirm etc...

We can use this thread (I will keep the first post updated as best I can) to list those interested, those coming, and who is in which chalets with who else, and then meet up points when we get closer to the event:)

Then as normal there is a Banter thread too:)

UK MINI2'ers Attending INMM

Rakey & Jlo - Martin & Jo
dcfkan - Dora -Chunnel Booked
Max - Mr Max to you;) - Chunnel Booked
Scooperman - Lawrence - Chunnel Booked
RVW - who everyone forgets:p - Chunnel Booked
Skinnyrunt - Rakeys gimp to pay for being disloyal:p
Wibbly as Skinnys Gimp
fevs and mrs fevs - Ferry Booked
Beastmaster and Peanut - Ferry Booked
Mad Brummie and Mini Adventurer - Chris and Clare
Ginger - Martyn
Paa100 - Natalie and I:p
J1JPE +1
Wigley - Stuart and Jane
Big Dave + Mini Molly
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rums too gawd for ye scumm.

tis grog for ya onlee!!! :eek:

Oh Gawd, shiver me timbers! Fresh from ransacking the pile of doubloons to get a dress for the mini Ball, Lady Peanut now wants to scour Cheltenham on the morra seekin' a Piratess' s costume.

Pass me the grog!
List of Mini2 participants

Just to keep you updated
Here's the list (till 10/02/05) of registered UK people :) *updated*

Beastmaster + Peanut
DK + Max
Paa100 + 1
ScooperMan UK
Mr & Mrs Fevs
RVW + 1
Scoop (M2M)
Rakey + 1
Mad Brummie + MiniAdventurer
Big Dave + Mini Molly

M2M is to follow :) but they also got a nice bunch waiting
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List updated :)
Added 2 new names .. welcome Brummie :)

BTW: site has been updated too :)
Hi all ..

We're experiencing problems with the url forward through

PLEASE do not use this link till further notice

Only use :)

Thank you ...
*bump* :D
Link is ok again !!

Got about 40-ish participants now registered and mostly UK ;)
There's much interest from other UK-sites & Clubs it seems, so get it going :)

No need to worry .. you can subscribe till end of april ;)
And 2 new registration from UK :)

Welcome to Big Dave and Mini Molly :D
Yo Rakey !!! Can you adjust the first post with the registered people please ...(see above)
thanks !!
BTW: Don't see Skinny on the list of M2M anymore ;)
Confirmation mails with the payment details are going out tonight. (some have 'm already)

@ Ginger -> could you please e-mail or pm me your e-mail address please.
I get delivery fails on the one you communicated on the subscription form.
Thank you
first post updated, sorry been busy, and Skinny's status upgraded;):D
IBAN Number on the confirmation mail appears to be too short!!!!!
Don't know what happened ...

the correct details can be found here
Have their been any bungalows formed yet ???
Might be handy for us to know ?

for what I know :

DK + Max + Scooperman in a 4p
RVW + RVW's Gail + Mr and Mrs Fevs in a 4p
Morty said:
DK + Max + Scooperman in a 4p
We are working on minicabrio-uk to come and join us, and hope he'll say yes after he has a few at the Ball this Sat :D

DK :D :apple:
Well I asked Clare, Barrie and others to bring flyers of the event with them ..
I hope they will do that and maybe be able to get some more peepz over.
i was talking to DMR (jas) of the Doncaster MINI register. apparently theres certainly some interest in attending the INMM from that regional group. not sure if they have signed up yet?:)
Trying to get members to confirm attendance as we speak so we can sort out registration. Hopefully will know by end of next week, but looking at a maximum of 5 cars from here from enquiries made so far.
Have been in touch with M2m (have members from them in our club too) also, and they have supplied travel arrangments etc. Are they travelling with you all or separately?
I think they're going seperately Jason
They're going by speedferries I think but don't know the travelling hours
People from M2m are travelling by ferrie, i'll PM you some details if u want me to
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