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I ordered and test-mounted a couple of auxilliary light mounting kits on my '06 MCS but have decided not to mount either. So I would like to try and sell each to a fellow Canadian to help a) avoid those excessive UPS/FedEx brokerage charges, b) keep shipping costs down (by using Canada Post). Please note: THERE ARE NO LIGHTS INCLUDED IN EITHER KIT!

The kits are:

1) The ALTA light bar that mounts to the lower front bumper through the lower part of the spoiler. Included mounting bar and hardware. No lights. No wiring harness.

Alta Mini Performance - Fog Light Bar with Lights

$125.00 CDN + shipping/insurance.

2) PIAA mounting bracket kit (#30300): Brackets are similar to OEM auxilliary light brackets. Includes wiring kit! No lights.

Here's a similar kit but, again, lights ARE NOT included in the kit I'm selling:

MINI Cooper Piaa 540 Driving Lamp Kit with Brackets

$100.00 CDN + shipping/insurance.

Thanks for your consideration!

Halifax, Nova Scotia
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