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I had a similar thing happen about a month ago - some twerp reversed onto our drive thring to do a 3-point turn, hit the MINI (setting the alarm off) and drove off. I him followed on foot and as it was a cul-de-sac he didn't have anywhere to go. Classic part was he claimed he wasn't sure if he'd hit it - this with our car flashing it lights and the alarm sounds :rolleyes:

The bumper had been pushed enough aginast the metal frame to crease the plastic - hard to spot but easy to feel. Dealer quoted £750 :eek: for a new rear plastic bumper (for PDC sensors) which included painting. I asked about the Aerokit rear, which is pre-painted and the guy (bodyshop manager just waffled and tried to put me off it. When I called and asked parts dept and service dept how much to supply and fit an aero bumper it came to just under £400.

I told the guy and he agreed £500 to save his NCB - I bought a full aerokit and after chaising him for a couple of weeks I went to where he workd and collected the cheque myself. Luckily it cleared.

Hopefully you can get enough out of the guy to cover your costs too. :)
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