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Updated pops & bangs

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Hey, I'm brand new to the forum but essentially heres my story.

I always wanted a mini cooper and I bought one for my 18th birthday. 2007 mini s 40,000 miles. One of the reasons I always wanted a mini was because of the obnxious pops and bangs. First thing I did to the car was a forge diverter valve because mine was cracked then alta intake lowered it on godspeed coilovers. Then I did a full 3in straight pipe from the downpipe back. So from what I thought Id be making ALL the right noises, everything i could have asked for. My understanding is you warm up the mini 10-15 minutes then put it in sport mode and it will pop like no other. Mine didnt at all so from past experiance on my 1987 bmw e28 I decided I needed to get a catless downpipe so the gas can flow through the exaust completely unblocked. Put that on and still nothing. So now I'm very confused and read about this remap in 2011 that mini took it out in an ecu update because consumers didn't like it. My question is, is there a way to go back to the old map or do I need to get my mini tuned now? Does anyone know of maps I can just buy and download through OBD2 or do I need to pay a guy $1000 to tune everything over the computer?

Thanks, Lucas
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