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I'd like to perform some updates to the Mini Connected software on our 2011 R56-S.

Two related questions:

Quesiton 1
  • I've downloaded UPD01008.bin from the BMW website
  • Freshly formatted a 32GB USB stick as FAT32
  • Copied UPD01008.bin on to the USB stick
  • Inserted the USB stick into the glovebox USB socket
  • Navigated to Software Update on the Mini Connected display
The display reads "No USB device with software connected to the USB audio interface....."

I read somewhere that I should use the USB socket in the central armrest instead? Having looked closely at and inside the armrest I'm struggling to find anything that looks like a USB socket.

Question 2
  • If I purchase a 2019 sat-nav update (USB rather than DVD) which USB socket should I be using?
  • Assuming I can ever find the central one... ;-)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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