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USA spec front lisence plate bracket removal

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USA Front lisence plate bracket removal?

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to remove the ugly front lisence plate inserts on the USA spec coopers? I have tried to remove mine, but it seems to be hinged on the top and taking the screws out does not do the trick. I don't want to damage my car. Any ideas?

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Licence Plate bracket

It is a piece of cake. To remove mine I removed the screws as you have done and then there were two peices of double sided tape holding the bracket up. Rock the bracket back and forth while pulling with constant pressure and it should give way easily. Use GooGone to get the sticky stuff off. Good luck. It looks great with the bracket off.

I posted the same thread about a month ago with picks of the car if you want to try and find it.
DHaiman has it right - the hardest part is getting past worrying about somehow "bitching up" the paint when you pull off the tape. :D

Next step - to get a British style plate for the front.
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