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using a 4 post lift for 2011 Mini Cooper 2 door second gen

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I have a 4 post lift where do I place the 4 pads
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do you mean a 2 post with 4 arms that pivot inwards or a drive on ramp that has two beams that can be locked in place while the the rest of ramp can be lowered away ie leave all 4 wheels hanging,
the jack points are the 4 rubber blocks on under the sills,, or i always do to front and rear subframes or the chassis that is reinforced
I am so sorry, I meant 2 post lift
i put them to the square blocks that should be under the sills they do just fit or if your lift is wider or narrower could also go to the front sub frame and rear rubber blocks
The square blocks.
Is that where the rubber inserts go.(don't have any) or put the 4 lifting arm pads next to the lifting points.
sorry for not knowing this . I have had the car 4 days and can't find a real answer on the web
below vid should help its same on all on them
Thanks for the video. It is not clear if I can use the 4 pads on my shop lift next to the jack blocks and not damage the car. Just being carful,
every mini i have put on the 2 post ramps we have i just use the 4 blocks like where the axle stands are put in that video those are the correct jacking points and are designed to take the weight of the car
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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