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Valuation help needed - R53

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Hi all,

I need a little help and guidance. We relocated to the US but left out beloved mini back home in the UK with my mum.

Unfortunately being a few 1000 miles away means it doesn't really get used and feel like it needs a new home. However, getting a valuation on this car is proving a little difficult. That said, I was hoping you guys can provide a bit of a helping hand.

It's a 2006 Mini Cooper S (r53) in Black. Full JCW body kit and Wheels. Harmon Kardon hi-fi, full panoramic roof. With 60,000 miles across 2 owns including ourselves.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Here in the US there are web sites that can provide one with a value for a used car/trade in. and are two that come to mind.

There should be something similar in the UK. 'course, you'll have to use a proper search to find these links applicable to the UK car market.

You can also search for used examples -- again being sure the search is for UK cars only -- that are similar to your car and see what at least the asking price is.
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