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Hello all

I just need some advice.

I am driving an automatic 6 speed 2007 Cooper S sidewalk convertible.
Vin: WMWRH32060TK52765
(In Australia)

I experienced the trans felt like going in neutral while driving. Revs going up but no drive. Only for a second or two, then banged back in gear, like it lost pressure or something. Kept driving normally after.
Did a trans service including filter, but it only got worse 🤯

After some research I found that it's a common problem. And it sounds like the valve body needs to be replaced.

Does anyone know the a good place to get a valve body for a decent price?.
Revmax comes up all the time when I search, with probably a reasonable price.
But how do I know for sure I order the right one for my car?
There seem to be different versions going around.
Local companies want to see the car first, do it them selves, or charge over $3500 for a valve body.

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