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What better way to support our troops but with a contribution of life itself.
Donate a Pint and give blood for those who shed their own.

Preliminary plans call for Meeting at the United States Naval Submarine Base to motor North to Mohegan Sun for any one who wants to offer blood. A room will be made avavilable in which we can eat and meet.

There you will await the arrival of those who are doing the U.S.S. Nautilus Tour conducted by Edward J. Smith QM2 SS USNDV.

Lunch will be taken at the Gazebo adjacent to the Herb Chambers Estate along the Connecticut River. Those following Maxamini will be live linging shad off the two mile walkway along the eastern shore of the river and extending 900 yards up the converging Lieutant River.

Cnnecticut River Crossings will be via the Goodspeed swing bridge as well as the oldest ferry in the country.

My suggestion would be to use these as gathering points from where ever you are. I'll include Route # 154 along the Lieutant River with stops at Hamburg Cove on the Salmon River.

Dessert to be served at the Connecticut River Museum dock in Essex. Good chance I might be able to point out an Eagle.

Who's in?

Other events will include Ice Cream in Lyme.
Games of Chance at Mohegan Sun.
Group parking will be set aside so we all don't have to arrive at the same timeto be parked en masss
Quack Quack from the One Eyed Jack

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I'm in.

theakston said:
Pending me getting the day off (should not be a problem), count me in. What time are we looking to meet, and where?
I'm guessing our ultimate aim is the Submarine Museum at Groton:
If they still want a pint of my blood after they've seen me, then they are welcome to it.
Thanks for putting this together, Ed.

Putting this together. Did you not read the first post?. You ask where and when. How do I know?

Just off with Jackman who some many months ago mentioned he wanted to see the Sub. He's in.

Different people will meet at diff places. New York MINI will converge at Marcus Dairy. I suspect the Rhode Islanders will come across north of 95 and there first stop will be Old Lyme and the ferry crossings. I'll have been with the Marcus group to get to Old Lyme before Rhode Islanders because I want to fish while I'm that close.

We will pass but not stop at Gillete Castle . The Boston Group I will ask to assemble at Hot Dog Annies and M2Smith and bakerfield can bring them Htfd where we will take the first of three ferry crossings.

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If this is to be a convergence event where other boards have what is in fact is independent rallies gathering and interweaving themselves and such I think Foxwoods will be the common point from which we meet and join up with all the other adventures who have first fished and given blood and toured the museum or any one of these. I'm going to do it all.

We will not be staying at Foxwods other than for the picture of all the MINIs in the front circle. From there we will drive together to Mohegan Sun where we will be communaly be parked inthe interior garage.

Credits for the restaurants and machines will be distributed there. This will break out by 8:15. The Submarine museum will be what determines the start for the CT group and those NewYorkers meetin up. I forsee a 8:45 rendevous at Marcus.
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