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Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal wrote about the BMW/iPod integration this past Thursday (5 Aug 04) and was pretty negative about it.

Copyright laws prevent me from putting the entire article in, but here's the gist:

Mating iPod and BMW
Is a Brilliant Concept,
But First Try Is Crude

"I've been testing the system in a $54,000 BMW 330Ci convertible, lent to me for a few days by BMW. I have tried several different iPods in the car, including a brand-new, fourth-generation model. My conclusion: The BMW iPod adapter works, but in a pretty crude way that will likely leave the iPod cult hungering for more. It's a decent first step, but that's all."

If you can get a copy, check it out. He also highlights the probs w/ FM transmitters and cassette adapters.

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I haven't read the WSJ article, but I don't think we needed them to tell us it's crude, did we..? :(
Only works with 5 playlists - why..? Why not whole library..?
Designed for glovebox - why..? Why no cradle mount..? Are they worried about lawsuits when people crash while looking at the iPod..?
No track name in the HU display - why..? We know that Apline are doing that on their own branded version, so why not for BMW..? It would get over the problem of needing to have the iPod in view too.

As far as I can tell, the official iPod cable offers almost no benefit over the Belkin kit that's been around for ages and it's certainly no better than the iceLink. And while the WSJ is happy to call it a first attempt, there's nothing to say that Apple / Alpine / BMW are working on a second generation... :( It's a shame all around really... :(
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